Box Cloud-Based Administrative Application

Box1Box File Sharing Application

Box is a cloud-based application for both android and iPhone that works with an entire system of supported apps that allows you to create, edit, store and share new or existing files, documents and photos. Designed and implemented by the company of the same name, Box provides 10 gigabytes of free cloud storage with its app.

Box was designed to transform the way you manage data and collaborate with coworkers, easily sharing and managing files, without compromising either security or ease-of-use. The Box app allows all employees to work securely with customers and partners on any app-capable device anywhere. Box can easily be adapted as a secure-content platform in order to keep confidential documents off email servers and other vulnerable systems.

Box allows you to collaborate easily and securely, even with those outside your firewall. Box tracks all downloads and uploads as well as any comments or conversations about documents. As an administrator, Box provides you with detailed reports on all activities so you can quickly verify that all documents are being shared in accordance with your specific protocols.


• Customize password-protected links and restrict download access. This allows you to share only the files you want with whom you want, when you want. It allows you to have total control over what each user will have access to, thus allowing you to manage who may editor documents and who may have view-only access.
• Begin new projects by instantly creating shared folders for any-size task and instantly update the size and specificity of any file or folder from anywhere with any app-enabled device.
• Set granular permissions by choosing from seven separate permission categories, including “upload only” and “view only,” so you have control over who will have access to each individual document.
• Create access to specific files on a “need-to-know basis” that allows for operations like email uploading of content without granting folder access.
• Prevents out-of-date files with date coding and automatic scheduled deletion of files and links to make certain you have control over what content is available.
• Keep track of what is going on with your files with the “Now-View” file feature that allows you to track user activity in real time. The Now-View feature also permits you to search for updated content while managing file ownership and access.
• Set instant-notification alerts to let you know whenever someone accesses a file, keeping you abreast of what is happening to sensitive files via email updates or by setting the Box updates tab to send you alerts.
• View user reports in the Box administrative dashboard to generate comprehensive user security reports to confirm users are compliant with business security standards and policies.
• Automatically sync up files to your other devices from the Box website with Box Sync.
• Create and manage comprehensive user activity and content reports or take advantage of the reporting API to connect Box to your current business reporting software tools.
• Allows you to use many data software programs, such as Microsoft Office and Google Docs, to work seamlessly with the Box app, allowing you to share and retrieve Box files right from your favorite software programs.
• Remove email attachments as well as share links to documents from within your Microsoft Outlook data files with Box Outlook.
• Permit both user and management access to set permissions, create work groups and enforce security compliance.
• Create user and content policies that produce simple, sophisticated and repeatable results for effective collaborative processes, while still protecting against unwanted access.

Overall Impression

Overall, Box is streamlined and makes it a snap for administrators to maintain control of all users and document content via a potent and intuitive administrative dashboard. The app works with numerous partners, allowing administrators to effortlessly manage content anywhere in the world. If you are looking for an app that allows for cloud-based storage and file-syncing the Box app is definitely worthy of serious consideration.

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Casino Apps on the Market

casinotablegamesCasino Apps on the Market

There are plenty of mobile casinos on the market these days that offer players the ability to enjoy their favorite casino games on the go. This way, they do not have to be at their home in front of their computer or laptop to enjoy them. Due to the convenience they offer, many online casinos have launched their own mobile casino app.

The Best Mobile Casinos

As a result, you might find it hard to select one of these mobile casino apps, to make it easier, we have handpicked some of the top mobile casinos available.

These tops casino apps are Bet365, Party Casino, Lucky Nugget, Gaming Club and Jackpot City. Players can download them from the official website of these casinos or by visiting the app store dedicated for their device such as the Google Play Android Market (for Androids) and the App Store (for iOS devices).

Mobile Casino Games

These online casino apps offer players plenty of casino games, this includes slots, blackjack, roulette and baccarat. When it comes to slots, it is usually the biggest category. Each online casino has its own signature game. For example, for PartyCasino, it is the progressive slot machine, Melon Madness, which is known for creating millionaires though the online casino and the mobile casino.

When it comes to Microgaming mobile casinos and mobile slot apps such as Royal Vegas, Jackpot city or Gaming club, the leading game is Tomb Raider and it is accompanied by the African theme progressive slot, The Mega Moolah. As for Bet365, players can enjoy a wide selection of Marvel Branded slots such as the Hulk and Fantastic 4 as well as the progressive slot, Gladiator.

Casino Apps on the Market

If you are looking forward to enjoying a wide array of casino games on your mobile, you will find a long list of casino apps available. A good collection of  these phone casinos can be found at this site Of course, some of them offer a better selection of games and customer service than others do. Here are some of the top mobile casinos that are available on the market.

Jackpot City Royal Vegas, Gaming Club and Lucky Nugget Casinos:

All of these mobile casino apps are provided with games by Microgaming and they run on the Microgaming mobile gaming platform. Players will be able to enjoy a variety of games that cover different gaming categories such as slots, roulette, blackjack and more. Some of the favored slot gaming titles at these casinos are The Mega Moolah and Tomb Raider.

Winner Casino and Bet365 Casino:

These two mobile casinos are powered by Playtech. This is why mobile players will be able to find a great selection of Playtech powered mobile casino games such as Frank Dettori’s Magic Sevens, Iron Man 2, The Hulk, Fantastic 4 and Gladiator, the highly rewarding progressive video  slot machine.

Party Casino:

Party Casino runs on its own software and offers its in-house developed gaming content. Therefore, players can find a unique collection of games including the highly popular progressive video slot machine, Melon Madness among other games such as Blackjack, Roulette and other slot gaming titles.

Players can download the casino app that they want by visiting the Google Play market or the App Store. They can also open the casino’s website from their browser and the website will promote the app that is compatible with the device they are using.

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Cut the Rope Android Apps News

Cut the Rope Android Apps News

Cut the Rope is superb app found for both the Android and the iPhone and has found massive user response from both the free users of the ad enabled version as well as the paid version.  It appears to be becoming less rare for an app to go into the mega-amount sales bracket as more developers create fun and lively games targeted at the kid in all of us.  The game is just as simple as an Angry Birds, has very clean and colorful graphics and entertaining music.  This may very well be the exact combination that developers need to stick to until the public becomes over saturated with the formulaic process.

In the meantime

Here is another fun app that you should throw on your smartphone.  It is just difficult enough to pose a fun challenge and not raise the blood pressure, so it’s great for all ages and possibly all medical conditions.

Cut the Rope for Android and iPhone

Cut the Rope is another example of what good development can produce.  The ZeptoLab team has already won awards for Cut the Rope and is continuing to see great success with its recent additions to the Android Market.  There’s a few game apps out there that really set the bar for what developers should be aiming for and this app is one of them.

Android Market

It’s better to just go ahead and get the one dollar version and avoid the ads of the free version.  Ads really detract from the fun and suspension of disbelief of the game.

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Senators Just Say no to DUI Apps

Senators Just Say no to DUI Apps

United States Senators wrote a letter to the Canadian based company, Research in Motion, requesting that their product, DUI App be removed from their store online. The app, and others like it, can report back to the user the location of police checkpoints and police vehicles. The senators made the very good point that the app endangers other citizens by allowing drunk drivers to avoid police.

DUI Apps

One such app have ten million users, is a live database of known DUI checkpoints. Some aspects of the DUI apps that are on the market are actually incredibly useful when applied to other purposes like driving safety, but are just in bad taste when branded as a DUI app. Those services mentioned in a meeting of the Senate subcommittee for internet privacy were a taxi cab finder and red light notification system.

DUI checkpoints are often made public and often by law enforcement. No other company except Research in Motion has complied with the request made by senate.

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Google Sync in Apps News

Google Sync in Apps News

Google has announced that the Apple iOS Google Sync app has been updated with mail syncing, calendars and contacts for use with MS Exchange accounts. The feature enhancements now allow send mail as, calendar event management and the ability to search all emails including those archived. The Google Sync Service is now available during an MS Exchange account setup.


Search emails including those stored in both iOS mail and Gmail
Calendar events through the iOS app can now be accepted, declined and edited
The Send Mail as feature allows the user to send as any of their email adresses

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Zillow joins iPhone

Zillow for iPhoneZillow joins iPhone

Real estate website giant recently released a new mortgage application for the iPhone.  This application is a must-have for those looking to purchase a new home.  The application features a tool that will calculate how much of a home you can afford, as well an estimate of what your mortgage rate will be.

iPhone Apps

While some of the tools may be too finicky for some users, like the sliding scale to adjust numbers, the overall ease of the application highly outweighs any cons that it may have.  The best part of this application, easily, is the fact that it is absolutely free to download and use.


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Texas Poker iPhone

Texas Poker iPhone let’s you play with online players not just with a CPU. The first impression that I got at the first view of the application was a really good one. Why? It has a lot of players online. According to me that’s a big plus, who would like a poker game with just a few people that he can play with?

If there are many players you get hooked right away. You can join a table, if you are not satisfied with how your game goes, quit the current table and join another one! Another plus was that this game lets you view other players’ profiles and see what their skills are like and then you know how to take your chances at a table.

Your profile has your nickname, your picture, your cash and your level. You aren’t obligated to create an account, having the liberty to play as a guest. The Texas Poker app has top-notch graphics, and it is such a joy to navigate around the game smoothly. If you take too long to make a move, the device vibrates to remind you to hurry.

Buying chips is fuss-free with the fake money that we can earn. The game also allows us to add friends to play it together, and we can do poker-talk on it using the chat feature. We can see our friends when they are online, and get a game going. The Help button is the right on the main screen is if we need any help getting the hang of the game.


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App News Iphone Plants vs Zombies 2 Makes a Killing

The latest release in the Plants vs. Zombies franchise is Plants vs. Zombies 2 Zombie Bible and it is full of awesome!

There are a variety of fun and addicting games available through the iPhone app store. One of the most popular is the Plants vs. Zombies 2 gamed. It has won over 20 games of the year awards from a variety of app review sites.

The point of the game is to rid the home of zombies through the use of zombie killing plants. There are over 50 different zombie filled levels currently available on the app. The developer, PopCap Games, has continued to update the game with fixes to glitches and other fun features.

The game allows users to earn points and collect coins to be used towards power ups and different enhancements. Use over 40 zombie fighting plants to get rid of the 26 types of zombies. The app costs 1.99 and will provide a fun filled addictive game for any user.

plants vs zombies 2 app news

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Apps News Must Have Bill James Baseball IQ

Bill James Baseball IQ –

This is one of the MUST HAVE apps for baseball fans, especially those that have fantasy leagues. Bill James Baseball IQ gives you all the stats of your favorite teams at your finger tips.  These are solid stats that are continually updated.

Gain access to all of the major league baseball information one will ever need. Bill James Baseball IQ gives you  the chance to get the same information the managers use to choose their line ups. The data is from the past three seasons as well as the current season and is constantly updated.

Some of the different features available in Bill James Baseball IQ – include a hit locator, hit zone and k zone. You can compare different baseball players and their stats. The app also allows users to input their own data which can be turned into charts and heat maps to track batting and pitching trends.

The app costs more than most apps at 14.99 but for the amount of features packed inside the cost is well worth it. For coaches and players it is a great way to get a visual on how players are performing. Help your team prepare for the next game with the batter pitcher match up, or the pitcher comparison.

Apps News Must Have Bill James Baseball IQ

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Apps News Flick Football

A fun new and free app on the app store, is Flick Football.  A soccer game for the fingers, flick football is fun and addicting. A great way to pass the time it is a easy game to learn and the different modes make it great for any age.

There are six different gaming modes; The big game, sudden death, vs. the clock, target practice, how to score loads of points as well as compete against the world. Each mode has a different focus, from timed scoring opportunities, to trying to find the best scoring position.

There are 21 different achievements to be gained throughout the game. The game has  been featured on the app store’s top ten and has a rating of 4.5 out of 5. The updates are continuous and the game play is smooth. Graphics are pretty good and the camera angles used to shoot are accurate.

best free apps iphone flick kick

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