1942: First Strike iPhone app Review


In the 1942: First Strike iPhone app you will be able to take to the skies in over three different planes in this arcade classic. The game is fast paced and you will have to be quick on your wings in order to defeat the battleships, bombers and other dog fighters as you try to protect and conquer. This new version has a variety of things including a new plane, a couple new environments for you to be able to play on, and also a new tank boss to defeat in the game.


  • This game is actually loaded with a variety of different features. The first thing that you will notice with the game is the number of aircraft that you can control. There are three main types that you can control and they are the Lightning which is really well rounded, the Mosquito which is a bit more rugged, and also the Shinden which is the most nimble and quick of the three.
  • As you play you will be able to upgrade all of your aircraft and even unlock more weapons that are going to be a lot more powerful than the weapons you had on your planes before
  • You will love the gameplay as you fly through the sky trying to take other planes down. The dogfights are truly epic and the boss fights are even more exciting. There are six boss fights total
  • You will be able to take your combat skills across five different kinds of environments so you’ll never get bored of the game and the things you will get to do
  • There are two main control systems that you will be able to do. The first is the tilt control system and the second is the touch control system
  • There are a lot of different gameplay and art elements that have been completely inspired by the other 1942 game that was a hit on the iPhone: Joint Strike
  • There is also support for the Game Center Leaderboard so you can see who the best players are in the game.


This app has been given pretty decent ratings and currently can be found as a 3 1/2 stars out of a 5 star rating. You can also download this game onto your phone for a price of $0.99.