3D Brick Breaker Revolution


If you like playing the “Breakout” games, you will love Brick Breaker Revolution. This exciting iPhone app elevates game play by allowing you to move up and down the tower of brick-filled screens, which other break-breaking games can’t give you. The stunning 3D graphics will take your breath away. Add to that almost infinite levels, insane power ups, classic boss levels, and the secret bonus levels and you have a recipe for endless addictive game-play. The Classic game mode gives you 99 levels as you work toward defeating the final boss. The Revolution mode gives you endless levels as you survive as long as possible and battle deadly bosses. This big tower includes ‘infinite’ brick levels, secret levels, boss fights and more. The clock is your enemy as you fight against time in the Time Attack! game modes. Improve your score each time you play for hours of excitement. Magnets, Rockets, Nukes and the Unstoppable Fury Ball are just a few of the more than 20 awesome power-ups you can pick up. Your score will go up as you race to break blocks in this crazy fun puzzle game app.

The Brick Breaker Revolution iPhone game app takes skill and intuitive thinking as you get further along and fight some of the later bosses, which adds to the intensity and fun that you will enjoy for hours. The 3D graphics really add to the gameplay and make this puzzle game app more enjoyable than most 2D graphic apps. The controls are slick and easy to use; you break the bricks by sliding your finger or tapping on the touch screen. Over 30 Achievement Badges can be earned as you complete challenges, and you can check your progress in real time. The music and sound effects enhance this super game app.


Features: (Full Version)

  • Easy to use controls
  • Fantastic 3D Graphics
  • Classic Mode includes 99 gaming levels and a final boss
  • Revolution Mode – infinite levels and deadly bosses
  • Time Attack Mode – battle against the clock
  • Large variety of brick types
  • All the boss battles you can possibly survive
  • over 20 power-ups including Smart Bombs, Nuke, Mirror, and Lasers
  • Real-time progress checking
  • up to 30 Achievement badges


3D Brick Breaker Revolution (Full Version) gives you endless game-playing satisfaction with awesome 3D graphics and level after level of brick breaking fun. The power-ups are great, and it is challenging to beat the later bosses, which is just what you want out of a puzzle game app. Some users have been unhappy with the lates update, as it erases your saved scores, but it is currently rated 4+ out of 5 stars by iPhone app users. The cost is $1.99 per download.