ABOVE iPhone app Review


Imaging yourself walking down your street one day and seeing an assortment of platforms coming down from the sky. Obviously the only thing you can do is start climbing them and see where they lead. Such is the premise of the ABOVE iPhone app. You will have to time all of your jumps right and overcome different types of obstacles in order to keep going higher and higher without falling!


  • The controls on this game are actually very simple and easy to pick up and you will find that the gameplay actually has a lot of depth to it
  • The animations in the game are very detailed and you will see that the graphics are high resolution and look very crisp and clean. They have done a lot of good work with the presentation of the game
  • There is an in-game community as a part of this app that you can go to and communicate with other players. This is a good place to share different strategies and techniques so that you can continue to advance in the game
  • When you get a particularly high score you can get on the social networking sites Facebook or Twitter and post those scores so that you can show off in front of all your friends and family
  • There are only three levels in the entire game but they are each very long and they will take a lot of practice and skill in order to get all the way through them and move on to the next of the levels
  • The musical soundtrack is unique and original and will have your blood pumping with adrenaline as you take on each level. The sound effects are also fun and match the style of the game
  • Along the way you can collect a number of different achievements as well as unlock secrets that are hidden throughout the levels
  • You can access the generated levels from procedure so that you essentially have as many different levels as you want. This makes the game have some incredible replay value


Overall this game is actually pretty fun. For a platformer it does a good job of delivering the mix of simple to use controls and addicting gameplay. The levels are actually quite challenging for a gamer of any level. Make sure you look for all of the hidden secrets in all of the levels in order to make the most out of this app.

Voted 3 1/2 stars by iPhone app users and can be found on the online mobile market and downloaded for only $1.99.