Aces Traffic Park iPhone app Review


The whole point of this game is to be able to get your little car out of the huge traffic jam that you find yourself in. You will have to maneuver your cars around all of the other cars that are located in the area in order to get to the exit. You don’t want to be stuck in traffic all day so make sure to use your wits to get out of a jam! This game is a lot of fun and will stretch your mind as you try and solve all of the different puzzles that are presented to you in the game. There are over 480 different puzzles that you can try your hand at and you will have to see how well you can strategically think. There are also some obstacles that you will have to avoid as you move your car through the area. You will have to avoid the rocks and the potholes so that your car makes it out in one piece. The graphics in the game are actually really good and you will love the sound effects that are also included. You will be able to see high scores and see how well you are doing against other people so this will help those that are especially competitive.


  • The game has a lot for you to do. You will be able to test out your mind by trying over 480 different puzzles that are offered throughout the game
  • Along with all of the different cars that are parked in your way, you will also have to avoid some simple obstacles like the potholes, the rocks, and the corners, in order to get out. This will be a real brain tester and make it much more challenging
  • The graphics in the game make the cars look really realistic and you will love how vibrant the colors are for each of the vehicles
  • The sound effects are also a lot of fun and just add to the overall fun of the game as you play it
  • You can play the traffic packs from start to finish or you can pick which ones you want to play in the “choose puzzle” mode
  • There are high scores online where you can see how well you are doing when you compare yourself to other top players out there


This game is pretty popular among iPhone app users as you can see by how highly ranked it is on the rating scale. The app currently has a 4 1/2 star rating out of 5 stars and has multiple reviews. You can download this game onto your iPhone for only $0.99.