Agricola : Farming On The Smartphone Has Never Been So Much Fun

Agricola : Farming On The Smartphone Has Never Been So Much Fun

For most people, farming is only for plains and fields. Now, people all over the globe can farm from their couches. With the Agricola app, people tend crops and monitor their farms from the comforts of their own homes. There’s no more need to sweat in the fields. No more horses will be forced to pull heavy plows. In fact, the Agricola app is so easy to use and fun to play with that it is quickly picking up in popularity. The reviews of Agricola are excellent. Players enjoy farming on their phones because of the progression, graphics and time period it is set in on the application. This isn’t an ordinary farming game, like the others have been playing. Agricola is an improvement on what farming games have been like in the past.

The setting of Agricola is one of the most invigorating parts of the game. The whole thing is set in the seventeenth century. Playing the game is really like taking a trip through history. The only difference is that the smartphone is the time machine to be used. Agricola is also a fun and exciting way to experience Europe. Gamers will love the setting and time period of this new, thrilling farming game.

There are some key differences from typical farming games for smartphones and computers that players have seemed to enjoy. Before playing this game players should be aware of these key differences because they are a huge part of the game play. Agricola has no timers. This is a big difference because players are used to waiting hours, days and even longer for their crops to mature. This is an exhausting process that makes the older farm games less appealing. Another big difference in Agricola is that there is no set currency. The current version of Agricola is quite unique indeed.

The game of Agricola began as a board game, which is one reason it is so popular among players. People who enjoyed the board game will enjoy this rendition of it in all its beautiful colors and schemes. Another big difference to note is that this game doesn’t have the constant irritation of other players messing with the game. In fact, there are only a few computer controlled players that are there to interact with. This helps keep the focus on the game play and the strategies behind growing the best farm imaginable.

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