Air Hockey App Game Review


The Air Hockey Android app does a great job of utilizing the touchscreen capabilities of the Droid. The basic gameplay is pretty self explanatory. You use your finger to guide the Hockey stick and block the pucks from coming into your goal. You also are trying to hit the pucks into your opponents goal on the other side of the phone. One of the nice things about this game is just how simple it is. Anyone can pick up the game and start playing it. There are no detailed instructions that need to be followed, or intricate gameplay factors that would make the game difficult. Just pick up the phone, download the app, and get started.

Air Hockey for Android has a few great features for those that download it. First of all there are a bunch of different levels you can play. This gives you a variety of different backgrounds and also a list of new challenges to conquer. For instance, one of the challenges is to hit the puck without hitting the green ones, all before time runs out. These new challenges add more difficulty to the game for those more experienced players, and also add some much needed twists.

You can download a free demo and have it on your phone in a matter of seconds. With a free demo you have got nothing to lose by trying out and seeing if you actually like it. But if you have any bit of childish innocence left in you then you will see the advantages to having Air Hockey on your mobile phone


  • You can have up to six pucks in the game at a time
  • Variety of backgrounds and pucks
  • Different modes and challenges to keep you interested
  • There are timed modes and also those that are not timed


This is a quality app. Easy to use, and fun to play. The only problems with is are that it takes a little while to get going, and the inertia that is associated with the pucks is not very realistic. Also when there is an off-whit background, it is very hard to see the white pucks on the top of it. Other than this, there are some fun features and challenging modes to keep you interested and wanting to play again.

Voted 3.7 out of 5 stars by Android app users and currently has a free demo.