Alice In Wonderland-An adventure Beyond the Mirror app Review


The hype over the new Tim Burton version of Alice In Wonderland – An Adventure Beyond the Mirror doesn’t stop at the theaters. This new game app based on the Disney movie is arguably one of the best 2D platform puzzle game apps for the iPhone that is available. Play as Alice and work your way through the whimsical world of Wonderland solving clever and challenging puzzles. If you enjoyed the movie, you will fondly recognize some of the whimsical settings for this puzzle game app. Watch for optical illusions and formidable enemies while you work to solve the challenging and sometimes intricate puzzles. Not only are the puzzles clever, but this game app also gives you Hollywood production values, like in the movie. Even if you don’t care about the movie, you need to try out this awesome 2D platform puzzle game app.

This well-designed iphone app gives you a fun game which is challenging enough to keep you interested for a long time. The graphics are amazing and the puzzles are very well designed. One of the most difficult elements is finding the Mad Hatter, but it is all a matter of timing. You will be able to use the accelerometer in your phone to help you pass off puzzles, since tilting it one way or the other at just the right time is the only way to make it through. The amazing world of Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland with a Tim Burton spin has been cleverly adapted for this innovative puzzle game app. Work to get through the puzzles and then beat your clever adversaries in order to move on.


  • Hundreds of exciting and challenging puzzles
  • Platform puzzle game
  • Fantastical graphics present whimsical settings
  • Optical Illusions
  • Formidable adversaries
  • Use your GPS, Photo Library and Camera to unlock Hidden Objects
  • Unique Abilities granted by Alice’s friends:
  • Freeze time with the White Rabbit
  • The Cheshire Cat helps you make objects appear and disappear
  • Telekinesis is the power you get from the March Hare
  • Move objects between worlds with the Mad Hatter’s help


Alice In Wonderland – An Adventure Beyond the Mirror is one of the better 2D platform puzzle apps available. The stunning graphics reminiscent of the movie will move you through fantastical worlds. The puzzles are challenging and clever, and you get to fight difficult enemies. Currently rated 4+ out of 5 stars by iPhone app users, you can download Alice In Wonderland for $4.99.