Amateur Surgeon iPhone app Review


Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have someone’s life hang in the balance, and have you be the only one that could save them? With the Amateur Surgeon iPhone app you will have that opportunity as over thirty different ailing patients are coming to you for help. Although you are unqualified, unclean, and pretty much ignorant to all things surgery, you will use the tools that you have to slash your way through each level and fix each patient. You are well equipped with the latest surgical tools such as the pizza cutter, car battery, salad tongs, staplers, and more in order to cut your patients open and put them back together.

This is a fun (and gory) little app from Adult Swim and lets you try your hand at a profession that few dare to take on. You will have to make precision cuts by sliding your finger across the screen as well as cauterize the wounds you inflict by rubbing your finger on the area. The premise of the game is very unique and original and the gameplay using the touch screen interface suits the game well. It has somewhat of a morbid overall theme but you will soon get past that as you dedicate your spare time to saving these little virtual lives.


  • There are over 27 different levels that are included throughout the game
  • There are also three hidden surgeries that can be unlocked as you perform well in the levels
  • Use the touchscreen interface of the iPhone in order to pick different instruments to use during surgery
  • You can use the save feature to record your progress and also so that you can move between patients
  • Pinch the screen or use the zooming functions in order to get a closer few during your surgeries. This will allow you to have more precise and accurate cuts
  • To cut open your patients just slide your finger across the screen in the direction you would like to cut
  • To cauterize the open wounds you all you have to do is rub the screen with your finger. This also applies for actions such as rubbing gel on an area of the patient
  • You will feel legitimately satisfied as you save these virtual lives with your precise work


Very original app. Nothing else like it on the market.

Voted 4 stars by iPhone app users and can be downloaded for $0.99.