App News Iphone Plants vs Zombies 2 Makes a Killing

The latest release in the Plants vs. Zombies franchise is Plants vs. Zombies 2 Zombie Bible and it is full of awesome!

There are a variety of fun and addicting games available through the iPhone app store. One of the most popular is the Plants vs. Zombies 2 gamed. It has won over 20 games of the year awards from a variety of app review sites.

The point of the game is to rid the home of zombies through the use of zombie killing plants. There are over 50 different zombie filled levels currently available on the app. The developer, PopCap Games, has continued to update the game with fixes to glitches and other fun features.

The game allows users to earn points and collect coins to be used towards power ups and different enhancements. Use over 40 zombie fighting plants to get rid of the 26 types of zombies. The app costs 1.99 and will provide a fun filled addictive game for any user.

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