Approach Guides Wine (AG Wine – AGWine) iPhone app Review


How many times have you gone into a restaurant and taken a look at the wine list and not known where to look? This happens more often than not, and many times you can be embarrassed not knowing much about wines. In the Approach Guides Wine iPhone app you will get a complete list of both Italian and Spanish Wines and you will be able to learn how to pick wines based on the food you are eating.


  • This app is meant to help you become a wine expert in your own right. By studying the information that is included in this app you will be able to confident whenever you choose wine. This could be in a shopping context or also in a dining context when surrounded by friends
  • One of the really nice things about this app is that you don’t have to have the internet to be able to access it. Once it has been downloaded you can then access it at any time, whether you have an internet connection or not
  • One of the coolest things about this app is the vast knowledge and information that can be obtained by reading through it. You will be able to find some very informative summaries from the AG wine dictionary. You will be able to go out to eat with friends and other guests and have them be impressed with your knowledge of wines
  • You can search and study the different wines as much as you want to. You can choose to sort through the wine by either the grape variety, the style of the wine, the appellation, the region, or even by just how you are planning to pair the wine with the food that you are eating
  • You can take this app and then learn to focus on the fundamentals of wine. This means that you can select the wines based on their vintages, their grapes, their appellations, and also their regions. The more you know about the basics, the better foundation you will have to work with
  • This app also provides you with a lot of great values. The recommendations that are made by the staff of AG Wine is actually mean to focus on the most attractive wines, as well as the best priced wines out there. They will also base their recommendations on the wines that are of the highest quality


You have to be at least 17 years old to download this app because of all of the wine references and mentioning of alcohol in the app. Other than that, it really is one of the best wine references that you can get on the iPhone app market. This can help you to actually know what you are talking about when you and your distinguished friends get together to taste different wines.

This app has been given a rating of 4 stars and currently can be downloaded off of the iPhone app market for only $0.99.