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Guerilla Bob is a new app available for android phones that is quickly gaining a lot of popularity. It is a multi-player game and is also available on the apple line of smartphones and tablets. The multi-player feature allows people in the local area all to be on the same game at the same time. It has simply controls including a virtual joystick as well as automatic aim when tapping the right hand of the screen.

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  • Easy to play
  • Great Controls with a Virtual Joystick
  • Global Scoring
  • Leader Boards
  • Local Area Multiplayer


The more bad guys shot and the longer that Bob stays alive means the more points the players will receive. It’s a fun game and its simple platform makes it enjoyable and not too complicated. The graphics of the game are awesome, and the game play does not slow or lag. It is a part of the OpenFeint global leader boards and all scores can be uploaded to see where users rank in comparison to other global players. Price is $2.99.