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Bill James Baseball IQ –

This is one of the MUST HAVE apps for baseball fans, especially those that have fantasy leagues. Bill James Baseball IQ gives you all the stats of your favorite teams at your finger tips. These are solid stats that are continually updated.

Gain access to all of the major league baseball information one will ever need. Bill James Baseball IQ gives you the chance to get the same information the managers use to choose their line ups. The data is from the past three seasons as well as the current season and is constantly updated.

Some of the different features available in Bill James Baseball IQ – include a hit locator, hit zone and k zone. You can compare different baseball players and their stats. The app also allows users to input their own data which can be turned into charts and heat maps to track batting and pitching trends.

The app costs more than most apps at 14.99 but for the amount of features packed inside the cost is well worth it. For coaches and players it is a great way to get a visual on how players are performing. Help your team prepare for the next game with the batter pitcher match up, or the pitcher comparison.

Apps News Must Have Bill James Baseball IQ