Armada – Galactic War iPhone app Review


In the Armada – Galactic War iPhone app you will be able to pick your armada from three different races and you will have to gear up to beat the computer as well as online players through the multiplayer mode. Get upgrades and become the most powerful armada around!


  • One of the main points of the game is to gather as many resources as you can. This will help you to progress through the levels and eventually win the game
  • Once you have gained a lot of resources you will have enough money to create extremely powerful tanks, star ships, and mechs
  • As you grow your army and upgrade them a lot then you can go ahead and destroy the mother ship of your opponent to prove that your armada is really stronger
  • This game also allows for a variety of multiplayer modes where you can test your battle skills against real people
  • You can play over the 3G network or on a local wifi in order to play against your friends or random people that are scattered around the world
  • You also have the option to take part in a private match and only invite true competitors
  • You can pick between a few different races including the human armada, the alien armada, and also the cyborg armada
  • There are 5 main maps that you can play on and you will get to battle all across them. Each of the environments are entirely in three dimensions
  • There are leader boards for the game and you can work your way up by tracking your wins and losses for every single match that you participate in
  • There is a Zing network that is provided by the app developers that will allow you to find online players and can help sort you into different battles that would range from 4 player games to 2 player games to an all out free for all
  • If you can’t find any online players to compete against then you can always fight against the AI that is provided. It is actually a pretty challenging opponent


This is a fun strategy game that takes into consideration mechanics and cool weapons. The multiplayer option is really what sets this game apart because you will be able to play against all kinds of different people, or you can just play against your friends in a private match. Enjoy the 5 huge 3D environments and get sucked into the strategy of it all.

Voted 3 stars by iPhone app users that have tried it out. This is just another game that you can add to the techy, war machine games that are out on the iPhone today. This app costs around $0.99 to download.