Babylonian Twins – The Quest for Peace in Ancient Iraq iPhone app Review


In the Babylon Twins – The Quest for Peace in Ancient Iraq iPhone app you will take control of the two princes of Babylon as they set out to restore peace to their kingdom. There is a great sorcerer that has entered the land and he has wreaked havoc on the villagers with his evil magic. It is up to you to tag team it with these brothers and drive him out and restore peace once again. You will venture through five different Mesopotamian worlds that are true to history and will have you incredibly entertained. The gameplay is smooth and the environments are all very detailed. The game is also connected to OpenFeint so that you can compare your scores with other gamers online.


  • This game is a combination of intense puzzle solving madness as well as exciting action
  • There are two main characters in the game, Blasir and Nasir, and you will essentially have to use a tag team type of gameplay in order to complete all of the levels
  • The game is integrated with OpenFeint so you will have the opportunity to check out the online leaderboards to see where you rank as well as collect a variety of achievements
  • This game allows you to either listen to the original music score of the game or listen to your own iPod library
  • The touch controls are very sensitive and responsive so it is easy to control the characters and complete your tasks
  • As you progress in the game you will be able to find a bunch of hidden treasures as well as unlock a variety of new levels to play in
  • The game comes with 12 main levels that are very detailed and have been very well designed
  • There are 5 main worlds to travel through: These include the Assyrian Palace, The Procession Street, The Hanging Gardens, The Tower of Babylon, and the Old Dungeon
  • An Iraqi composer made all of the music for the game so that it is all original and unique
  • The game consists of characters that are all based out of ancient Mesopotamia and are true to history
  • The game has a very historic air to i and you will feel like you have been taken back in time to an earlier age
  • The graphics are actually quite impressive for this little platformer and will keep you visually pleased for hours on end


Voted 4 stars by iPhone app users and can be downloaded on sale for only $0.99.