Bar Star iPhone app Review


In the Bar Star iPhone app you will be able to manage your own bar and serve all kinds of drinks to your customers. As you progress in the game you will see all different kinds of customers that will visit you and you will be able to upgrade your bar with dance floors and disco balls.


  • This is a new time management game that will have you frantically scrambling to please all of your customers and bank in on all of the money that can be made from running a successful bar. This game is an intense mix of both arcade action as well as some fun organizational time management
  • The game also has a total of 35 different levels of gameplay so you are sure to be playing for hours before you actually beat it. The standard amount of time it takes to complete the game is around 9 hours and even after that you can do other things to become even more of a bar star
  • One of the fun things about the game is how many different upgrades that you can get for your little bar. You can customize it and personalize it with these upgrades in order to make it more fun for both you and your customers. You can get stuff such as a dance floor, a cool disco ball, some plants to help decorate, new drinks to serve, and even some bathrooms for the convenience of the guests
  • As you bar gets bigger and more profitable you can even start hiring some additional people to help you serve all of the drinks to your customers. You can even branch out and start hiring some DJ’s and also some bouncers to make sure nobody gets out of hand at your party
  • You will have a variety of different drinks that you can serve and it can be anything from tonic and rum, to gin and cola. You can serve a bunch of different draft beers as well as some wines and even mixed cocktails. There are drinks like the bloody Mary, the Singapore Slings, and much much more
  • You will earn points with good performance and on time service. You can then use these points that you have gathered up in order to buy better skills for both serving drinks as well as bartending
  • The graphics are actually pretty amazing and you will find that you will enjoy all of the different animations and artwork that show up in the game
  • As you progress through the bar scene you will find that there are 12 different unique customers that will visit your bar as well as four guest stars that will visit your bar if it lives up to the hype


This app has been given a rating of 4 1/2 out of 5 stars by users that have downloaded the app onto their iPhones and it can be currently downloaded for $2.99.