BATTLE BEARS:Zombies! iPhone app Review


The bears may be cute, but the fighting isn’t – it is just what you are looking for in an intense fighting game app. BATTLE BEARS: Zombies! begins with a teddy bear named Oliver. He is trapped behind enemy lines and must fight off the Pink Bears who threaten to overwhelm him with their deathly hugs. The upgraded version of this iPhone app, 1.5, will show that Pink Bear hugs are the least of Oliver’s problems. There are all new bosses and weapons. You will want to spend hours blasting away at enemy bears. This wacky world has a ridiculous story line that can be a little hard to make sense of, so you will want to keep playing until you really understand what’s going on. You will really enjoy the cut scene movies that occasionally give you a breather. They will either have you wondering what was going on or else they will have you laughing out loud.

If you have never played a BATTLE BEARS game app before, it is simple and fun. You use one thumb to tap and fire while using the other thumb to aim. The pink bear next to the score allows you to pause the game. Pause the game, and then hold the Return button down for a few seconds if you want to quit. If you would prefer to skip over a cut scene movie, simply tap on the screen while it is playing and it will move to the end. Firing the Laser is as simple as aiming with one thumb and hold for a long time with the other. There are lots of great enemies to beat, such as the ColBear, Marecraft Carrier, BearZerker, Huggables and of course the hundreds of Zombies. Never fear, you also have lots of weapons options, such as a Slingshot, Machine Gun, Rifle, Shotgun, and Laser. You will only want to stop when your thumbs get too tired to play anymore. This is definitely one of the more addictingly fun game apps out there.



  • Cute Bears
  • Cut Scene Movies
  • Lots of great weapons
  • More challenging Bosses
  • Over 700 Zombies!
  • Fun and Simple game controls


BATTLE BEARS: Zombies! game app was voted one of the Top 100 iPhone game apps of 2009. You will see why once you get started with this survival shooting Bear and go after all of his enemies with your choice of weapons. BATTLE BEARS is currently rated 3 out of 5 stars and can be downloaded for $0.99.