Bird Strike iPhone app Review


In the Bird Strike iPhone app you will take control of Gerald the Bird as he strives to take off and go as high as he can! You will encounter a variety of environments that will offer new power ups and also new obstacles. You can hit rockets, trampolines, and other pick ups in order to make him keep boosting higher and higher! There is an online leaderboard that you can check in order to see where you rank alongside the world’s elite bird launchers. Once you have launched Gerald as high as he can go you will get to see him fall down to the bottom of the level.

This game has an easy gameplay to get a hold of and is very smooth. This game has great replay value as you will try it again and again in order to try and beat your old high scores. The graphics are fun and they fit the style of the game perfectly. Download the Bird Strike iPhone app today and see how high you can make him fly!


  • This little app has multiple game modes that you can participate in. There are a variety of single player modes and mulit-player modesa as well
  • The game takes place in a variety of different locations so as to test your bird strike skills and see if you can master all of the different environments
  • You get to control Gerald the bird and make him take off and fly as high as you can. Along the way you can collect all kinds of items and hit different objects that will launch you higher and higher until he finally falls to the ground
  • There are also some leaderboards where you can see high scores both globally and locally to see where you rank among all of the other bird strike players out there
  • The game utilizes the accelerometer so that you can tilt and turn to be able to enhance the gameplay and get higher scores


This is a solid game for the jumping game genre. There are enough powerups and boosts to help you get higher that you will stay interested for a while to try and beat your old high score. The variety of levels also helps to keep things interesting and fun.

Voted 3 stars by iPhone app users and can currently be downloaded off of the online store for $0.99.