Blast Billiards Touch iPhone app Review


The Blast Billiards Touch iPhone app takes everything that is good about pool and adds another dimension to it by adding bombs and dynamite! This game offers 15 new levels that will challenge you and keep you sharpening your skills so that you can complete all of the challenges. Master putting some spin on the cue ball in order to hit all of the trick shot levels with perfect form. You can also listen to your favorite music from your iTunes library while you are playing to help you concentrate and keep you pumped up. Last but not least, you will enjoy the sharp graphics and the realistic physics engine that the game puts into play as you hit the balls around the board.


  • This little billiards game includes over 10 Classic levels that all off Blast Billiards action as you have never witnessed it before
  • There are also 10 levels in the Arcade area of the game where you can actually play in five completely different scenarios that will help keep the action going strong. These five scenarios have been created just for the iPhone app
  • You can also participate in 10 brand new trick levels where you can learn to do some pretty crazy trick shots
  • This app has been completely optimized for you to have a quick-play type of control scheme so you can play it while on the move
  • There are two main cue actions that you can use to control the game. These two intuitive control schemes include the original cue as well as the real cue
  • The physics engine in the game is very realistic and you will feel like you are around a real pool table as you hit the balls around the felt
  • This app allows you to listen to your personal iTunes library as you are playing the game so that you can rock out to whatever tunes will help you play billiards
  • You can create a profile and then you can continually try to beat your previous personal best on each of the levels in the game
  • You can learn how to put a spin on the cue ball so that you can complete some pretty impressive trick shots on the board
  • The visuals have been much improved over previous versions and fit the next generation of mobile market game graphics


Voted 2 1/2 stars by iPhone app users that have rated the app on the iTunes app site. This game currently can be downloaded for only $0.99.