Bounce Bullet Pro iPhone app Review


In the Bounce Bullet Pro iPhone app you will have to use your knowledge of angles and deadly bullets to be able to kill all of the targets and move to the next map in the game. Enjoy over 120 different maps for you to play in!


  • This gaming app has the Open Feint system fully integrated into it. That means that there are a lot of achievements that you can get as you progress through the game
  • Because of the Open Feint integration that means you also have access to the built in Leader Boards that are available. This is nice because you can check and see who the top ranked gamers are in the country
  • You will have to use a variety of physics tactics in order to accomplish all of the goals that are posed in this game. Learn to bounce all of your bullets in order to hit all of the targets
  • You will have one bullet at a time and you will need to use angles and bouncing to kill as many as you can per bullet. Using less bullet means you are going to get more points
  • There are over 120 different maps that you can try your hand at. This gives you a wide variety of situations that you can test your physics skills and try and rack up the highest score
  • There are guideline in each map that you will have to follow which adds to the difficulty and makes the game even more fun
  • This game is very comical and you will enjoy killing tons of digital people with your little bullet
  • The game has a lot of action in terms of physics, guns, shooting, and digital dying from cartoon characters
  • The gameplay is extremely simple and smooth and you will find that the controls are pretty easy to master. Just make sure you have the line of sight that you want and then shoot away


Physics games might be considered really boring but this one actually does a pretty good job of making it fun. In this app you will have to kill as many people as you can with a single bullet. Sometimes the angle measurement is hard to get right but for the most part it is pretty accurate and you shouldn’t have much of a problem. This is a great way to kill time and digital people while you are waiting for stuff to go down.

Voted 4 1/2 out of 5 stars by iPhone app users on the iTunes store. This app can also be downloaded for about $0.99 and is a great way to pass a few minutes here and there.