Box Cloud-Based Administrative Application

Box1Box File Sharing Application

Box is a cloud-based application for both android and iPhone that works with an entire system of supported apps that allows you to create, edit, store and share new or existing files, documents and photos. Designed and implemented by the company of the same name, Box provides 10 gigabytes of free cloud storage with its app.

Box was designed to transform the way you manage data and collaborate with coworkers, easily sharing and managing files, without compromising either security or ease-of-use. The Box app allows all employees to work securely with customers and partners on any app-capable device anywhere. Box can easily be adapted as a secure-content platform in order to keep confidential documents off email servers and other vulnerable systems.

Box allows you to collaborate easily and securely, even with those outside your firewall. Box tracks all downloads and uploads as well as any comments or conversations about documents. As an administrator, Box provides you with detailed reports on all activities so you can quickly verify that all documents are being shared in accordance with your specific protocols.


• Customize password-protected links and restrict download access. This allows you to share only the files you want with whom you want, when you want. It allows you to have total control over what each user will have access to, thus allowing you to manage who may editor documents and who may have view-only access.
• Begin new projects by instantly creating shared folders for any-size task and instantly update the size and specificity of any file or folder from anywhere with any app-enabled device.
• Set granular permissions by choosing from seven separate permission categories, including “upload only” and “view only,” so you have control over who will have access to each individual document.
• Create access to specific files on a “need-to-know basis” that allows for operations like email uploading of content without granting folder access.
• Prevents out-of-date files with date coding and automatic scheduled deletion of files and links to make certain you have control over what content is available.
• Keep track of what is going on with your files with the “Now-View” file feature that allows you to track user activity in real time. The Now-View feature also permits you to search for updated content while managing file ownership and access.
• Set instant-notification alerts to let you know whenever someone accesses a file, keeping you abreast of what is happening to sensitive files via email updates or by setting the Box updates tab to send you alerts.
• View user reports in the Box administrative dashboard to generate comprehensive user security reports to confirm users are compliant with business security standards and policies.
• Automatically sync up files to your other devices from the Box website with Box Sync.
• Create and manage comprehensive user activity and content reports or take advantage of the reporting API to connect Box to your current business reporting software tools.
• Allows you to use many data software programs, such as Microsoft Office and Google Docs, to work seamlessly with the Box app, allowing you to share and retrieve Box files right from your favorite software programs.
• Remove email attachments as well as share links to documents from within your Microsoft Outlook data files with Box Outlook.
• Permit both user and management access to set permissions, create work groups and enforce security compliance.
• Create user and content policies that produce simple, sophisticated and repeatable results for effective collaborative processes, while still protecting against unwanted access.

Overall Impression

Overall, Box is streamlined and makes it a snap for administrators to maintain control of all users and document content via a potent and intuitive administrative dashboard. The app works with numerous partners, allowing administrators to effortlessly manage content anywhere in the world. If you are looking for an app that allows for cloud-based storage and file-syncing the Box app is definitely worthy of serious consideration.