Buck and the Coin of Destiny iPhone app Review


In the Buck and the Coin of Destiny iPhone app you will take the place of a little white fluffy bunny as he tries to get the magical coin from the deadly enemies and obstacles found in the levels!


  • One of the really cool features about this game is that all of the levels that you will play in are actually randomly generated. This means that the replay value of the game just soars because you are never really sure what is going to happen next in the game as you are playing it
  • As you move through the story mode in the game you will also find that it is littered with all kinds of different cut scenes. These are fun to watch and really add to the overall feel of the entire game. You will fall in love with the character as he works his way through all of the challenges in the levels
  • There are a few different game modes including the story mode and also the endless arcade mode. In the arcade mode you can pretty much just keep on going and going to see how long you can survive and to try and get the highest score available. The only way you end the game is if you end up dying!
  • This game also has a lot of achievements that can be unlocked throughout the game. These are fun to unlock and you will have to see if you can get them all by the time you are done playing the game
  • Last of all, this game is also connected to Facebook through Facebook connect so whenever you get a really high score that you are especially proud of, you can share it with all of your friends through this social networking site


This is a sweet little platformer that you will learn to love. It is a side scrolling adventure in the tradition of Mario, except this time you are a fluffy white bunny. One of the really fun things about the game is the ability that you have to get cool power ups and turn your bunny into pirates and other cool stuff. The levels are randomly generated so the replay value is high on this game. It’s pretty cheap to purchase and download so it is probably worth a look. Go ahead and download it and give Buck the Bunny a try.

This app was given an overall rating of 4 stars out of 5 stars by iPhone app users that have downloaded the app and actually played it. You can download it and play it yourself by purchasing it for the price of $0.99.