Burger Queen iPhone app Review


The premise of the Burger Queen iPhone app is that the big man has dumped his huge fast food empire onto the shoulders of his daughter while he takes an extended vacation on the beautiful beaches of Hawaii. All that the King left for his daughter to follow was a little letter with some instructions. In the letter he just said not to ruin the empire and to make sure that she keeps up his reputation until he decides to return and start working again.

The thing that daddy doesn’t know is that the daughter is actually pretty skilled with her business skills and is about to put her own spin on the entire business. It’s no longer going to be Burger K, it’s now Burger Queen and there is no going back now. Take on the persona of the daughter and see what kind of empire you can create.


  • This game is pretty fun because it is challenging but rewarding at the same time. As you play you will get much quicker and more efficient and be able to make more money. The game has a total of 36 different game levels and on top of that there are also three different episodes that are included. Last of all, there are a variety of different game modes including the 3 challenge modes exit with a future promise of 2 more episodes on the future
  • The game is actually really funny and it will tell a story as it goes. So you can enjoy beating the levels and getting the good multi-tasking skills and then be rewarded with a great story as you go
  • The graphics in the game are entirely cartoon based but it fits with the style and theme of the game. You will love the funny characters and the interesting artwork
  • The customer characters come in a wide variety and they are extremely funny and comical
  • This game is really similar to the tycoon games that use action simulation as you try and build up an empire from scratch
  • The challenge mode is one of the best parts of the game and you will love the achievements and leader boards that you can be a part of as you are playing


This app has been given a 4 out of 5 star rating by iPhone app users that have tried it out. This is one of those fun time management and multi-tasking games that you will have to be quick on your fingers and your wits in order to complete the levels and make the game really worth it. You can download this app right onto your iPhone by purchasing it for only $0.99.