Cardio Trainer Android app Review


In the Cardio Trainer Android app you will be able to track and see your progress as you take the much needed road back to health and fitness. You can have it track your pace, your distance, your calories burned, and also the climb of the run. This is great for runners, joggers, and cycling, and you can upload all of your information onto the site to back it up and refer to at a later time.


  • This is a great companion for anyone that is serious about getting into shape. This app is loaded with cardio features that will help you to track and improve your fitness performance
  • This app works great for anyone that enjoys jogging, running, walking, hiking, cycling, and anything else that is related to a cardio workout
  • One of the main features it the ability to race against previous times and tracks that you have already done. This way you can really track improvement
  • The GPS that is built into your Android phone plays a big part in this app and its ability to measure each stride you take. It turns the app into ta pedometer that operates in real time
  • This app will also record the pace that you are running or biking at, and it will also tell you the path you are traveling. It can tell you how much of a climb the run was and also the different terrain
  • You can also use the app to help you count calories and then you can upload that kind of information right onto the website so that you can track your results
  • This app also includes an autopause feature for whenever you have to take a call or something of that nature, and it also has a voice output system that will give you frequent updates during your workout
  • This app will give you the approximate number of steps that you took in your run and you will also tell you the distance that you ran. After that you can analyze these statistics
  • This voice over technology lets you manage it so that you can decide if you want it to talk louder than the music that you have playing in the background
  • You can enter in workouts manually if you forgot your device or something during one of your workouts. This way you can have accurate records
  • Also, you can use this app with friends and upload all of your stuff onto the website in order to motivate each other along the way


This app has garnered some pretty good reviews from users and actually got a score of 4.5 out of 5 stars by Android app users and is free to download off of the Market supplied by Android.