Carnival Games for iPhone app Review


This is a great way to spend your day playing all of your favorite carnival attractions. The Carnival Games for iPhone allows you to let go of your stress and get excited about the country fair. You will be able to customize your character and also earn tickets for all of the games that you end up winning. You can then use those tickets to go get yourself some pretty cool prizes. All you have to do is tap the map to be able to see all of the different attractions. There are also new friends you can meet and hidden challenges to enjoy.


  • This game really will bring the carnival to life in your mobile phone because you will get to enjoy over 10 different games that you would find at the local fairgrounds celebration
  • The first is the star shoot out where you will have to shoot down all of the stars in order to win a prize
  • You can also try your hand at the balloon darts booth where you will have to have a steady hand in order to pop all of the balloons
  • Spilled milk is yet another attraction where you will need to knock down all of the milk bottles in order to win
  • There is also the test of strength that you will be able to try out that will allow you to see how hard you can hit the target
  • There are the bumper boats (a personal fave) where you will get to swim around and throw your weight into the other unsuspecting carnival attendees
  • There is a shooting gallery to see what kind of a sharp shooter you are
  • There is also the clown bonk where you can slap stick the big painted guys
  • Other games include fun ones like the great swami, the wild west, the frog leap, and also the nerves of steel


Who doesn’t like a trip to the carnival? This is a pretty fun game that was put out by 2K Play. This allows you to participate in the fun little carnival games over and over again without having to pay five bucks a pop. Granted you won’t come home with a life-sized stuffed animal but it is still a pretty fun game to play. This app has over ten different carnival games that you would find down at the county fair and you will see how addicting it can be to prove that you are better than the average gamer walking down the street.

This app has been given a rating of 3 1/2 stars out of 5 stars by the reviewers and users that are over on the iTunes website. This app can also be downloaded onto your phone after you purchase it for a price of $2.99.