Carve It! Pumpkin Carving iPhone app Review


It’s that time of year again where Halloween characters are coming out on everyone’s doorstep. Soon there will be little kids running around of all ages dressed up like witches, lions, the Joker, and Jack Sparrow. One of the staples of Halloween, however, is that of pumpkin carving. In order to show your holiday spirit, you have to come up with a creative idea and then carve it onto your pumpkin to show your individuality and also you attention to detail. In the Carve It! Pumpkin Carving iPhone app your children ages 3 and up will be able to use this little app to do all kinds of pumpkin carving. They will love how they can just use their fingers to carve out a face and then they just touch the candle inside the pumpkin in order to light it. Once your child has created a pumpkin you can then save it for them to go back and look at, at a later time. You can also send the pumpkin picture to grandma or anyone else that might like to see it.


  • Depending on how many kids you have, you will love the ability to have different player profiles on the app. You can have up to 5 different player profiles when you are using the app so you can save all of the pumpkins separately. You can also have different bungee pumpkin scores
  • As your children are deciding what characters they want to use, you will realize that there are over 8 different characters to choose from as your profile so they will have a lot of different options
  • Your child can also decide how big of a pumpkin that they would like to carve out. There are actually 3 different sizes of pumpkins that are available for you, and you will love how easy it is to carve them
  • Once you have created your pumpkins you can then save them right onto the phone so that with the click of a button you can share all of these saved pumpkins with your friends and family through email
  • The graphics in this little entertainment app are really nice and have been optimized for the iPhone 4 and also the retina display on the iPod touch
  • The graphics are very colorful and you will love the sounds that go along with the app to help entertain the younger kids that will be playing it


This app has been given fairly decent ratings and currently is sitting at a 3 1/2 star rating out of 5 stars by iPhone app critics. You can download this app onto your iPhone for a price of $0.99.