Cash Cab iPhone app Review


If you have ever watched the Discovery Channel then you have probably seen the wildly popular show called Cash Cab. In the show, there are unsuspecting taxi cab users that jump into the “cash cab” and are asked all kinds of different questions in order to make money before they reach their destination. The meter will tick down and the questions will get much harder as the riders go along. The money at stake is also a lot more as they continue to move down the road. If you miss a total of three questions then you lose the money and you also get dropped off onto the sidewalk no matter where in New York City you may be. You will have to be knowledgeable about all kinds of different trivia in order to do well on this game and make it to your destination with extra money in your pocket. This is a fun game show and there is some pressure to answer the questions correctly so that you don’t just get dropped off halfway to your destination!


  • The first questions that you will be asked once you enter the cash cab are very general and they can be about all kinds of different topics such as science, literature, languages, history, pop culture, music, and much more
  • As you watch the videos in the app you will see that they are high quality videos that are taken right from the show and you will feel like you are actually on it trying to make some money!
  • There are over 21 different places in New York that you can visit in this app as you move through the questions in the cash cab
  • You can either listen to the music and the sound effects that are a part of the game or you can listen to your own iPod music while you are playing it
  • If you get some really high scores then you can go ahead and post them right onto your Facebook page so that all of your friends and family can see how smart you actually are
  • There are also online leaderboards to show who the smartest cash cab users are that are out there in the world


This game is based off of the super popular television show on Discover channel where they pick up random strangers and they have the opportunity to win money before they get out of the cab. The game has received pretty good reviews and is currently sitting at a 3 out of 5 star rating. You can download this app onto your iPhone by purchasing it for $0.99.