CashLog Android app Review


In the CashLog Android app you will have the perfect companion to keep track of all of your different expenses throughout the month. You can go back and look at a history graph to see exactly where all your money is going to.


  • This finance app for the Android is great because it is a practical approach to keeping track of your cash expenses wherever you go
  • The app is set up in a variety of different groups that can be defined and customized by you. These groups can include car, rent, food, entertainment, insurance, cell phone, and anything else that you would like to create
  • You can look at a variety of different graphs for any of the groups that are saved onto your phone. You can see the history of your expenses and see where most of your money is actually going
  • One of the cool features that has been added is the ability to use an addition history graph that is a little bit different as well as a pie chart to see an easy view of the makeup of your expenses
  • One of the other updates is that the developers got rid of the stupid nag screen that pops up when you are waiting. This way you can have free usage of the app for an indefinite amount of time
  • The user interface is very friendly and incredibly easy to use. After you have created your simple categories then all you need to do is just enter all of your purchases and put them in the right category
  • You can enter you expenses as soon as they happen so that you don’t forget any and you can be really accurate in your accounts
  • The main point of this app is to total up all of your expenses in a certain time period so you can see just how you are spending all of your money
  • One of the nice features about the app is that it will actually remember your previous entries so that if you have any similar entries you don’t have to go through and enter them all again
  • You can also upgrade to the paid version of the app called MoneyLog which is a cash log as well as a budget for upcoming expenses. This full app runs for around $4.41 to download


The only problem with this app is that it will show you options on the free app that aren’t actually available unless you download the full app. Just super annoying. If you can’t access it in the free app then don’t show it, it just causes problems and gets you frustrated.

Voted 3 out of 5 stars by different Android users that have tried the app out. The nice thing about the app is that it is free to download off of the Market.