Catan App for iPad

Catan now on iPad with far more advanced features

Even those people, who are not interested in board games, will likely to get hooked up with Catan game. Moreover, it’s been regarded as the gateway games that even the individuals who aren’t into such games are likely to know about it. At the same time, it’s a great game to play on iPad, as this board game has been set in this format. Those people, who have seen the earlier versions of iOS formats, would have noticed the changes since its initiation on the iPhone. Moreover, a single game can go up to two hours!


For those of you new to this game, you move on to the next level based on point system. You need to build a settlement to gain one point, redesigning settlements to urban communities to get two points and constructing longest roads to acquire two points. In addition to that you have to create a biggest armed force to get two more points. One can play up to 10 points. The main agenda of this board game is asset administration. The plain board comprises of distinctive hexes encompassed by the ocean and the remaining asset hexes yield timber, minerals, wool, brick or wheat.

Players gather assets based on where their urban communities and settlements are placed in the hexes. When a particular number is rolled out on a hex, they acquire that hex. These assets are then used to construct streets, settlements, urban areas and purchase advancement cards. Further to that, players should not have more than seven assets, and if they have more than seven resources, then they should dispose half of it. Trade and exchange are the two main recurring themes of this game. In addition to that, Catan is all about resource management. Because of the irregular way of asset procurement, it is quite difficult to win without exchanging with alternate players for valuable asset


Having the iPad deal with those tedious point estimations and banking duties makes things significantly more quick paced than the regular board game and you can see statistical chart toward the end of the session. With the iPad dealing with all that, the result appears to be simply right.

$4.99 on the iPhone/ iPad iTunes AppStore.