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Dragon Ninjas App Review

As science has proven, the only thing more terrifying (and awesome) than either dragons or ninjas are dragon ninjas. After all, what could possibly be greater than a flying fire breathing reptile who has also somehow mastered the stealth arts of the ninja? The gameplay is a mix of several different styles. The parts that […]

Lose It! App Review

Lose It is an Android app available in the Google Play Store that allows you to manage your fitness regimen, diet and calorie intake in one place. You may have kept a journal in the past to ensure that you maintain your diet properly, but you may keep all that information in your phone or […]

Primer – A New Marketing App

Primer is a visually stunning foray into the world of digital marketing. Users enjoy the simplicity of the minutes-long lessons that break the complex world of marketing into easy to read bite-sized chunks of information. Many experts agree that it’s much easier to learn a concept when you’re exposed to it very slowly and that’s […]

Star Chart a Free Stargazing App from Escapist Games Limited

Star Chart is a free to download stargazing application for mobile phones and tablets running on Android operating systems. The size and version of the Android OS though, depend on the device used. This astronomy app enables mobile device users to view different celestial bodies and other astronomical wonders by providing graphic depictions of star […]

Dragon Blaze App: Impressive Gameplay and Fun To Use

Overview Dragon Blaze offers impressive story lines and top-notch graphics. It’s an action-adventure game and starts off with a tutorial so you’ll get used to the gameplay right away. From that point on, you’ll advance through a series of challenges which will test your ability to fight off dragon enemies. The game gets increasingly more […]

New Australian Bonus Finder App

Bonus Finder Chrome App We’ve been looking at some of the Chrome Extensions that are available for mobile and desktop and have found a few interesting ones. Those that are of the most interest are the ones that offer a real service, are free and are reusable or replayable. The Bonus Finder Chrome extension is […]

Deal or No Deal

The Deal or No Deal App is based on the popular TV game show of the same name. The App was developed by IWin and has been downloaded more than a million times. This is a game of chance in which the object is to win the million dollar case – or as much money […]

Nuzzle for Andriod App Review

Nuzzle: News From Your Friends There are loads of social media networks out there. The problem with this is if you have accounts like Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Tumblr or others, it can become extremely difficult to obtain the news specifically from your friends. After all, with probably thousands of followers on all of your accounts, […]

Cut the Rope Android Apps News

Cut the Rope Android Apps News Cut the Rope is superb app found for both the Android and the iPhone and has found massive user response from both the free users of the ad enabled version as well as the paid version. It appears to be becoming less rare for an app to go into […]

Apps News Guerilla Bob for Droid and iPhone

Description: Guerilla Bob is a new app available for android phones that is quickly gaining a lot of popularity. It is a multi-player game and is also available on the apple line of smartphones and tablets. The multi-player feature allows people in the local area all to be on the same game at the same […]