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BlueBrush Android app Review

Description: The BlueBrush Android app is a great way for anyone that likes to doodle to get their creative bug out. You can use the drawing options and endless screen to make whatever kind of pictures that you want. Features: You will be able to take pictures and draw on them, or you can use […]

UltimateFaves Android app Review

Description: In the UltimateFaves Android app you will be able to categorize all of your most used apps into a three dimensional carousel that you can access. Features: In this cool little management app you will be able to get all of your most used items and put them in one easy place so that […]

PlinkArt Android app Review

Description: In the PlinkArt Android app you will have the ability to take a picture of any painting or picture and identify who painted it and what the name of the piece of artwork is. You can also search around through timelines and even share your favorite pieces of artwork with friends and family. Features: […]

Strategery iPhone app Review

Description: In the Strategery iPhone app you will get to try and dominate the world using a variety of different strategies and risk factors. Utilize your offense and defense to be able to create the perfect system for complete control! Features: This is a very challenging strategy game and it will have you thinking pretty […]