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Dragon Ninjas App Review

As science has proven, the only thing more terrifying (and awesome) than either dragons or ninjas are dragon ninjas. After all, what could possibly be greater than a flying fire breathing reptile who has also somehow mastered the stealth arts of the ninja? The gameplay is a mix of several different styles. The parts that […]

Cut the Rope Android Apps News

Cut the Rope Android Apps News Cut the Rope is superb app found for both the Android and the iPhone and has found massive user response from both the free users of the ad enabled version as well as the paid version. It appears to be becoming less rare for an app to go into […]

EVAC Android app Review

Description: Did you love the game Pac Man? Well Pac Man wouldn’t stand a chance against EVAC for Android. Stealthily avoid your enemies and find an exit as quickly as possible1 Features: The EVAC game is an exciting arcade adventure for gamers of any skill level or background. You will have to take your little […]

JellyBalls Android app Review

Description: The JellyBalls Android app is a great way to pass the time for the casual gamer. It involves popping balls of the same color. Once you start you won’t be able to stop! Features: This is a very casual game that you can play by yourself, against the computer, or against friends, where all […]

Chess For Android app Review

Description: In the Chess for Android app you will be able to play chess at any given time. Take advantage of the suggested moves feature to become a real chess master. Features: This is a full featured chess game on the Android. You will be able to use the touch screen controls as well as […]

Four Online Android app Review

Description: In the Four Online Android app you will be able to experience Connect Four with a number of different users world wide! Features: This is a classic rendition of the old game Connect 4. You simply try to connect four pieces in a row before your opponent does When you are connecting the four […]

Wixel Android app Review

Description: In the Wixel Android app you will be able to play in a virtual Boggle board and see how many word combinations that you can come up with before your timer runs out. The more words you can find and the longer that they are, the higher the score. Features: In this word game […]

AlphaMixr Android app Review

Description: In the AlphaMixr Android app you will be able to create a variety of different words and get high scores. Features: The AlphaMixr Android app is a really fun word game that is similar to Text Twist or WordWrench where you have a certain amount of letters and you will have to make as […]

WordWrench Android app Review

Description: With the WordWrench Android app you will be able to create a bunch of different anagrams from the letters that are provided on the screen. Hours of word scrambling fun. Features: This is a fun anagram game that allows you to take letters and put them together to create words that have a combination […]

Mem Android app Review

Description: The Mem Android app is a simple memory game that will help you to challenge your thought processes whenever you have a few minutes to spare. Features: This Android game involves memorizing the sequences that are offered to see how long you can go and to get an even higher score You will have […]