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Plug Headphones Android app Review

Description: The Plug Headphones app is a great way for you to make your music listening experience on the Android that much more simple. All you have to do is just use the app to designate a certain media player and it will open up automatically every time that you plug in your headphones. This […]

Cardio Trainer Android app Review

Description: In the Cardio Trainer Android app you will be able to track and see your progress as you take the much needed road back to health and fitness. You can have it track your pace, your distance, your calories burned, and also the climb of the run. This is great for runners, joggers, and […]

Buddy Runner Android app Review

Description: The Buddy Runner Android app is a great application for anyone that likes to get out and run. If you are training for a marathon, half marathon, 10k, 5k, or just trying to get around the block, then this is a great tool for you to keep track of time, distance, pace, route, and […]

Personal Assistance Premium Android app Review

Description: How organized is your life? With all of the bills, errands, tasks, and opportunities in our lives, it is important to have a way to keep all of it together. Otherwise, you can let great opportunities slip right through your hands. The Personal Assistance Premium app is a great way to organize your life […]

DailyHoroscope Android app Review

Description: Have you ever wondered what your future holds for you? Do you ever wish that there was some warning or advice you could receive on a daily basis that would apply just to you? Well you are in luck because the DailyHoroscope Android app does just that! With the simple tap of a finger […]

Home++ Android app Review

Description: If you want a stock home app that allows you to customize as much as you want then you should look into the Home++ Android app. This is a great alternative to the default Android setup. It includes some easier user interface options and great navigating options. One of the best parts about this […]

Talk To Me Android app Review

Description: Talk To Me is a real-time speech-to-speech translator that will help you avoid language barriers. Do you travel often? Perhaps you are planning on taking an exotic vacation or perhaps a cruise that will take you to a foreign country’s shore. Maybe you have always wanted to learn a foreign language and finally have […]