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Jurassic Park Builder App

Jurassic Park Builder is a fun game for all ages. You get to experience the world of Jurassic Parkup close by creating and maintaining your own park. It’s simple, easy to build, and you receive step-by-step guidance by well-known characters, such as Dr. Ian Malcolm and John Hammond. Building your park is a journey with […]

StopMotion Recorder iPhone app Review

Description: The StopMotion Recorder iPhone app is a really cool way to bring live animations to life just like you’ve seen on other claymations that are out there. Features: One of the cool features of this app is the amazing speed at which the videos will render. You can also use the loop and reverse […]

WTF with Marc Maron iPhone app Review

Description: If you love watching Marc Maron, then all you need to do is just download the WTF with Marc Maron iPhone app so that you can get access to all of the latest episodes right from your phone! One of the cool things this app allows you to do is to download the episodes […]

ToonCamera iPhone app Review

Description: In the ToonCamera iPhone app you will be able to take all sorts of different pictures and then turn them into a real live cartoon. Once you have molded and changed up your pictures you can then save them in a photo album or share them with everyone you know over social networking sites […]

Good Food – Bad Food iPhone app Review

Description: So you have finally made the decision to start losing weight and now you are out on the market looking for a great app to help you keep track of your weight loss. Look no further than the Good Food – Bad Food iPhone app! This has a lot of different food items and […]

Take Five iPhone app Review

Description: Don’t you hate it when you forget to put your music back on after you take an interruption? With the Take Five iPhone app you can have your music automatically restart after five minutes. Features: All you have to do to get started is just install the app and then launch it and then […]

I Am Vampire iPhone app Review

Description: Vampires are all the rage these days. Every girl between the ages of 16 and 50 has read the Twilight series, and even more people have jumped on the True Blood bandwagon from HBO. No matter how you look at it, vampires are popular and they are here to stay. If you are a […]

Carve It! Pumpkin Carving iPhone app Review

Description: It’s that time of year again where Halloween characters are coming out on everyone’s doorstep. Soon there will be little kids running around of all ages dressed up like witches, lions, the Joker, and Jack Sparrow. One of the staples of Halloween, however, is that of pumpkin carving. In order to show your holiday […] Fantasy Football 2010 iPhone app Review

Description: Fantasy football is in full swing. If you are a football lover than this is one of those things you just can’t miss. There is something super exciting about picking a team of individual players from a bunch of different teams and see how their scoring comes together to help your team succeed. There […]

Dallas Cowboys 2010 iPhone app Review

Description: The Dallas Cowboys 2010 iPhone app is the official NFL app put out by the organization and it is a way for any die hard fan to stay up to date with everything that happens on the team. You will be able to see all of the players in the Valley Ranch, on their […]