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Box Cloud-Based Administrative Application

Box File Sharing Application Box is a cloud-based application for both android and iPhone that works with an entire system of supported apps that allows you to create, edit, store and share new or existing files, documents and photos. Designed and implemented by the company of the same name, Box provides 10 gigabytes of free […]

Google Sync in Apps News

Google Sync in Apps News Google has announced that the Apple iOS Google Sync app has been updated with mail syncing, calendars and contacts for use with MS Exchange accounts. The feature enhancements now allow send mail as, calendar event management and the ability to search all emails including those archived. The Google Sync Service […]

Apps News Must Have Bill James Baseball IQ

Bill James Baseball IQ – This is one of the MUST HAVE apps for baseball fans, especially those that have fantasy leagues. Bill James Baseball IQ gives you all the stats of your favorite teams at your finger tips. These are solid stats that are continually updated. Gain access to all of the major […]

Week Calendar iPhone app Review

Description: You can use the Week Calendar iPhone app to see your entire week and to help you get really organized to better fulfill all of your different appointments going on each week. Features: There are a ton of different features for this organization app to help you to get your life in order and […]

Close to Puerto Rico iPhone app Review

Description: In the Close to Puerto Rico iPhone app you will be able to have your own little travel guide right in the palm of your little hand. This little genius app was created to give you a ton of tourist options that are all available within a ten mile radius of wherever you may […]

Flashlight LED – Pro iPhone app Review

Description: The Flashlight LED – Pro iPhone app is one of the very most popular flashlights out on the iPhone market. One of the reasons why it is so good is because it uses just about everything possible in order to light up your path. You can use the LED flash of the camera plus […]

Elements – Dropbox Powered Text Editor iPhone app Review

Description: The Elements – Dropbox Powered Text Editor iPhone app is a great way to share important documents across a number of mediums. Features: You will be able to create all kinds of different text files on your iPod Touch, your iPhone, or even on your iPad. Once you have created them you can also […]

Keynote Remote iPhone app Review

Description: With the Keynote Remote iPhone app you will have the opportunity to take full control of any presentation that is given from your Mac. This app allows you to swipe through different screens as well as shows you the presenters notes so you can manage the whole presentation right from the palm of your […]

Picture Safe (HiDef) iPhone app Review

Description: The Picture Safe (HiDef) – No#1 Privacy iPhone app allows you to separate and organize photos and back them up no matter what they have on them. You will have all of you photos protected by a password and you won’t need to worry about people accidentally accessing them. Features: This app will actually […]