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Lose It! App Review

Lose It is an Android app available in the Google Play Store that allows you to manage your fitness regimen, diet and calorie intake in one place. You may have kept a journal in the past to ensure that you maintain your diet properly, but you may keep all that information in your phone or […]

Tempo Magic Pro iPhone app Review

Description: The Tempo Magic Pro iPhone app is a great way to take any song or playlist that has a slower BPM and to turn it up so that it perfectly complements any workout routine! Features: One of the coolest features that is located on this app is the ability you have to run the […]

Star Wars: Cantina iPhone app Review

Description: Do you love the Star Wars universe? Then come on in to the Cantina and have a drink! Features: This game allows you to do a lot of things but the main purpose of it is to let you own your own Cantina in the Star Wars universe As you take on the challenge […]

Buck and the Coin of Destiny iPhone app Review

Description: In the Buck and the Coin of Destiny iPhone app you will take the place of a little white fluffy bunny as he tries to get the magical coin from the deadly enemies and obstacles found in the levels! Features: One of the really cool features about this game is that all of the […]

Alice In Wonderland-An adventure Beyond the Mirror app Review

¬†Description: The hype over the new Tim Burton version of Alice In Wonderland – An Adventure Beyond the Mirror¬†doesn’t stop at the theaters. This new game app based on the Disney movie is arguably one of the best 2D platform puzzle game apps for the iPhone that is available. Play as Alice and work your […]