Chess For Android app Review


In the Chess for Android app you will be able to play chess at any given time. Take advantage of the suggested moves feature to become a real chess master.


  • This is a full featured chess game on the Android. You will be able to use the touch screen controls as well as the keyboard input and trackball
  • The game will actually highlight the last move from the play engine and you will also see the valid user moves as well
  • If you have made a few errors in your playing then you can use the undo button. The game will allow you to go back up to eight different moves
  • You can play a few different engine plays where it is either random, free play, or it will even play against itself
  • To get to the castle you need to move the king two squares
  • There is a feature that will give you suggested moves for the pieces that you are selecting


One of the best things about puzzle and strategy games is that the good ones are extremely addictive. You don’t have to create hundreds of new levels and items. The basic nature of the game is enough to turn it into a hit and make it popular. This could be said about the game of chess. It is one of those games that has stood the test of time and continues to be a favorite of people all over the world. In this virtual rendition of chess you will be able to bring this ancient military strategy game to life and you will be able to play it whenever you would you like to. There are a variety of different difficulty levels you can choose from so that you will be challenged as you play it. You can also play in the “auto-play” mode so you can watch how the computer strategizes and gain some tips from it. To help you learn to become a better chess master you can also click on a button to see suggested moves for your pieces and you can also undo moves against the computer so that you can get better at making the right ones. All these things combined help this game to be a great one for your Android phone and you will never be sitting around with nothing to do again.

This app has been rated by different Android users and is currently sitting at a 4 out of 5 star rating. The other nice thing about the app is that you can download it onto your phone for free.