Chop Chop Tennis iPhone app Review


In the Chop Chop Tennis iPhone app you will be able to dominate the tennis world with one of eight different cartoon characters. You hit the ball by just flicking your finger across the screen. You will love the fast paced, frantic gameplay that ensues!


  • This app features a variety of different playable characters. There are 8 cartoon characters total, that evens out at four different boys and four different girls. Each is unique and have a comical look to them
  • There are 5 different courts that you can play on in the game. This involves mud courts, clay courts, and your typical green tennis courts
  • There is a lot of help to get you up to par with the other competitors in the game. There are three different training modes that you can take part in that will help you improve your virtual tennis skills
  • As you get better at the game you can move up to the different levels of difficulty. There are 4 different difficulty levels total and each will challenge you
  • The gameplay is unique and pretty innovative. You will love how the app utilizes the accelerometer as well as the touch screen controls in order to make this such a fun game
  • The sport makes a great transition to the mobile market and you will see that it is pretty fast paced and frantic
  • The game is really easy to pick up and you will find it fairly simple to play, although to get really good you will have to practice quite a bit
  • The visual design of the game is very fun. It is very colorful and you will love the cartoon characters that are involved
  • There are a few different play modes that you can take part in. These include the practice mode, the single mode, the double mode, and also the tournament modes
  • There is also a multiplayer mode that you can do with the help of bluetooth multiplayer. You can also use local wifi to challenge people over the internet


This game gives you the feel of wii tennis and is almost as fun. It is quite possible the best tennis game on the iPhone right now and boasts some fun graphics as well as some easy to learn gameplay which is great because gamers of any age can just pick up the game and start playing it.

This tennis game was voted 3 stars by iPhone app users and currently costs $0.99 to download onto your iPhone.