Close to Puerto Rico iPhone app Review


In the Close to Puerto Rico iPhone app you will be able to have your own little travel guide right in the palm of your little hand. This little genius app was created to give you a ton of tourist options that are all available within a ten mile radius of wherever you may be in Puerto Rico. You will be able to find things like hotels, taxi cabs, limousines, car rentals, local and fancy restaurants, shopping centers, recreational activities, tourist offices, historic sites, casinos and gambling, fitness and exercise areas, concerts, events, hospitals, weather, and other emergency info. There are also a variety of pre-programmed buttons that you can press in order to get a lot of additional features with the app. This makes contact with the location much much easier.


  • There are number of pre-programmed buttons that are available on this app to be able to make your life much easier. One of those is that you can press a selected location that you are looking it and then you simply need to press a button in order to call it without having to dial any of the digits
  • If there is a certain location or site that you are interested in and the site actually has a web page then you can just press a button in order to take you right to their homepage without you having to type in any type of web address or URL
  • You can also use a button in order to send emails to people that you want to share the information with. You can also request for more info on any of the sites and you can also get reservations for different areas. All of these are available if they are applicable
  • You also have the choice to be able to watch all kinds of different videos for the the locations if there are any available out there
  • Last of all, you can choose to use the “MAP” button in order to open the app’s map and see your current location so that you can draw some coordinates on there


This app has been given some pretty decent ratings as of late. You can see that on the iTunes site that the game has received an overall rating of 4 stars out of 5 stars by multiple iPhone app users that have downloaded the game and obviously attempted to use it. This travel app can be downloaded onto your phone by purchasing it for only $0.99.