CNN Mobile iPhone app Review


It’s always good to be informed. Now with the CNN Mobile news app you can make sure that you are always up to date on the latest news from around the globe. You can check on the top stories, world news, Politics, Crime, Local News, Entertainment, Sports, Weather, Finance, and so much more. This is an all-inclusive app that lets you stay connected to all the major happenings going on in the world. The CNN Mobile app also lets you use the iReport function straight from you phone. You can also use the photo and video options on the phone to browse pictures and videos from hot stories that are being reported.

CNN is one the most trusted new sources in the country. They have spent decades winning the confidence of their viewers by supplying the most relevant and up-to-date stories of out time. Their writers and editors are especially good, and there is always good content to be found.


  • You can read all of the top stories that are happening in health, politics, entertainment, sports, US, and the world
  • You can also check weather, traffic and local news for your area
  • You can get small overview of articles or read the full length editorials
  • The CNN Mobile app is connected to social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook
  • You can watch videos that are live about any of the breaking stories that are happening
  • You can search top videos and make sure you get the best video excerpts from CNN television
  • Has the ability to use iReport which will let you post news on important stories that are happening by you
  • You can also submit videos and photos using iReport
  • The app allows you to save pertinent information so you can go back to it when you have time
  • Check the news whenever and wherever you want
  • You can receive alerts when there is an update on a certain favorite topic
  • You can be up-to-date on all of the latest stories that are reported every single day


CNN Mobile lets you stay connected to the happening of our modern world. It boasts a variety of different features so you will always have something to look up. The best part is that you can receive alerts for your favorite stories when they are updated. Stay connected with CNN Mobile today.

Voted 3 stars by iPhone news app users and costs $1.99 to download.