Cooking Academy iPhone app Review


In the Cooking Academy iPhone app you will have to put all of your culinary instincts to the test to see if you have what it takes to get the golden trophies and get the four prestigious rankings. You will be able to put on your little chef hat, grab some mitts for the oven and strut your stuff. There are a ton of different recipes that you will be able to learn how to create including pancakes, ravioli, egg rolls, creme brulee, and so much more. You will have to try and prepare over 50 different unique recipes and you will be able to learn some really interesting trivia while you are playing. You will have to knead, fold, slick and dice your way to the top all while using the accelerometer. Unlock the trophies and the new recipes by being an outstanding cook in all of your classes.


  • If you love to cook then you will probably love all of the different mini games and adventures that you will go on while you are playing the Cooking Academy
  • One of the really cool things about this app is how much variety is inside of it. You will see that there are over 50 different recipes that you will be able to try and recreate as you learn how to cook
  • There are 5 different courses that you will have to learn how to master as you go through the school and try and make your way in the culinary industry. You will have to learn how to make appetizers, and also how to make breakfast dishes, how to create lunch platters, delicious dinners, and of course the sweet desserts
  • As you start to play the game and progress through it you will realize that there are a ton of different mini games that you will be able to try and play in. There are actually 35 different mini games that can be played throughout the cooking academy
  • Last but not least, you will get rewards according to how well you play in the game. You can get over eight different trophies for getting some major achievements in the game and you can also see four different rankings that can be unlocked as you are playing the game


This app has gotten decent reviews by iPhone app users that have gotten on the iTunes website and checkout the game and then posted comments about it. It has been given a rating of 3 1/2 stars out of 5 stars and you can currently download this app onto your iPhone for a price of $0.99.