CrossRoads iPhone app Review


The CrossRoads iPhone app is a fun line app that takes a very basic idea and turns it into a very addictive and fun game to play that you will end up fiddling with for hours. You will have to take vehicles and guide them through the maps that are presented to you. The rules are really easy to learn and after you pick them up you will be off and running. The controls are simple to learn and they are very sensitive which makes the game a pleasure to play. Check out multiple reviews to get a good feel for the game.


  • The gameplay in this game is very simple and it is really addictive. It is one of those games that you initially pick up thinking about how simple it is and then a few hours later you will realize you are still playing it
  • There is a multiplayer mode that is available that you can play in. You can play with up to two different players and you can connect to the network either through WiFi or through a Bluetooth connection
  • There are four different maps that you can play on and they are all stunning to look at and fairly detailed
  • This app has a complete connection to OpenFeint so that means you will have a variety of different achievements and bonuses to collect
  • The game boasts over 60 different achievements that you can collect and there is also an online leader board where you can see where you rank locally as well as globally
  • The soundtrack is actually very impressive and the sound effects match the feel and the look of the game
  • Once you download the game you can purchase up to three different maps through the in store purchases
  • The effects in the game are pretty outstanding and the graphics (although 2D) are pretty stunning for a line app
  • If you don’t want to listen to the soundtracks and sound effects that have been provided in the game then you can always just listen to your own music library while you are playing
  • In the game you will be able to take part in a bunch of different interactive events including shaking clouds, crushing zombies, and also bursting balloons


This app costs $1.99 to download off of the iTunes app store and it has bee given a rating of 4 stars by over 90 different iPhone app users on the official iTunes site.