CubicMan Android app Review


In the CubicMan Android app Review you will have to use your wits and smarts to be able to get your magical stone to roll across the board, dodging obstacles and staying away from the edge the board until you finally get it to it’s destination in a small 1 x 1 cube made specifically for it. A challenging little puzzler that you will enjoy.


  • This is a fun gaming app for the Android that will stretch your brain and make you work hard to figure out the puzzles that are placed in front of you in each and every level that you play in
  • In CubicMan you will have to learn how to control a magic stone that is rolling on a board. You will need to make sure that this stone goes through specific terrains and eventually makes it to it’s final destination on the board
  • There will be many obstacles in the way as you try and move your magical stone from point A to point B. Some of these different obstacles include things like traps, bridges that move, switches that go on and off in an odd-even fashion, and even switches that are unidirectional
  • You will constantly be searching for the best way to get your stone to reach the end of the board without having to get stuck or stopped by all of the obstacles in the way
  • The graphics in this game are entirely in 3D and you will take a top view as far as gameplay goes. The visuals are pretty impressive for an Android app game
  • This level has a ton of replay value. There are over 100 different levels that you will have to figure out in order to complete the game in its fulness
  • This puzzle game is very similar to Nintaii and you will have to make sure that you flip and roll it enough so that the vertical side fits into the corresponding hole
  • If you are not careful you may see your magical stone go flipping off of the board because of a wrong move on your part
  • You can pan and zoom on the board using hte on screen controls that are provide for you


This is a pretty challenging puzzle game for the Android and offers some unique and fun boards for you to play on. There are only a few gripes with it. First of all it is pretty hard to pan over the 3D environment because you have to use the on screen controls to do so. Other than that though, it is a solid 3D puzzler for the Android.

This app has been rated 4.1 out of 5 stars by multiple users and it currently has a free download available on the market, or you can download the full version for $2.99 if you decide that you really like the game.