Cut the Rope Android Apps News

Cut the Rope Android Apps News

Cut the Rope is superb app found for both the Android and the iPhone and has found massive user response from both the free users of the ad enabled version as well as the paid version. It appears to be becoming less rare for an app to go into the mega-amount sales bracket as more developers create fun and lively games targeted at the kid in all of us. The game is just as simple as an Angry Birds, has very clean and colorful graphics and entertaining music. This may very well be the exact combination that developers need to stick to until the public becomes over saturated with the formulaic process.

In the meantime

Here is another fun app that you should throw on your smartphone. It is just difficult enough to pose a fun challenge and not raise the blood pressure, so it’s great for all ages and possibly all medical conditions.

Cut the Rope for Android and iPhone

Cut the Rope is another example of what good development can produce. The ZeptoLab team has already won awards for Cut the Rope and is continuing to see great success with its recent additions to the Android Market. There’s a few game apps out there that really set the bar for what developers should be aiming for and this app is one of them.

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It’s better to just go ahead and get the one dollar version and avoid the ads of the free version. Ads really detract from the fun and suspension of disbelief of the game.