Deal or No Deal

The Deal or No Deal App is based on the popular TV game show of the same name. The App was developed by IWin and has been downloaded more than a million times. This is a game of chance in which the object is to win the million dollar case – or as much money as you can and as high a score as you can. While you are doing this you will either buy or collect tokens that enable you to keep playing various levels of the game.

Your animated host welcomes you from a colorful stage adorned with animated blonde, brunette and red-headed bombshells. Each scantily clad, high heeled animated model holds a case numbered 1 through 26. Each of the cases contains a dollar amount ranging from 1 dollar to 1 million dollars. At the beginning of the game you choose which of the 26 cases you want to be yours. You will keep this case and win the amount in it unless you sell it to the banker or trade it for the last case available. There are several rounds of play and the banker will make you an offer at the end of each round. Your decision to keep or sell the case to the banker will be based upon what you believe the remaining cases in play and your case hold.

In round 1 you will be asked by your animated host to open 6 cases. Each case is selected and opened individually by your gorgeous animated models who react with a smile for low dollar amounts and a frown for higher dollar amounts. They want you to know they are rooting for you and the chances of your case holding a high dollar amount increases as smaller dollar amounts are eliminated from play. As they open the cases two columns will appear. The column on the left shows dollar amounts from 1 dollar to 750 dollars, while the column on the left shows 1 thousand to 1 million dollars. The amount in the case is eliminated from play and darkened in its column. At the end of each round your animated host will encourage you for a job well done or verbally pat you on the back if the round was not in your favor. The banker will also make you an offer that is typically an average of the possible winnings remaining in play. It will be up to you to decide whether or not you want to take the sure thing from the banker or continue to play and take your chances on winning a larger amount from within the case you chose at the start of the game. Round 2 will have you choosing 5 cases and rounds continue until you are choosing one case at a time. Again, the banker will make you an offer at the end of each round. If you do not accept any offers from the banker, you will have a chance to trade your original case for the last case in play. The game concludes when you select the final case and its contents are your winnings.

The Deal or No Deal App is a lot of fun for a game that requires little to no skill and is based primarily on the luck of the draw. It’s all about taking a risk or playing it safe and a good way to pass the time. You can even connect to Facebook and play in tournament mode for an additional level of amusement.