Deer Hunter 3D iPhone app Review


The Deer Hunter 3D iPhone app is one of the most realistic hunting apps out for the iPhone. The graphics are amazing and you will find yourself surprised at how amazing the environments look. You will hunt game in four main areas of the world and you can marvel at the trees, rock formations, and ponds that are located in each place. Your goal is to take down the biggest kills and unlock new areas and bigger game to hunt. You can also get trophies for the really impressive kills.

In the Deer Hunter 3D iPhone app you also have the ability to visit the trophy room and see your best kills. You can improve your skills as you progress through the levels and become an expert hunter. You will get points for the accuracy of the kill, vitals, bullet trajectory, among other factors.

One of the best parts of the game is that you can upgrade your weapons and even purchase new weapons at the hunting store. Use your scope to get animals that are far off and enjoy this popular hunting game based off the computer versions.


  • This is one of the most realistic 3D hunting games available for the mobile gaming world
  • A variety of different virtual animals for you to hunt and they have realistic mannerisms and behaviors
  • There are 4 main locations in the game that take you all over the world. Inside of these four main locations there are over 30 different individual shooting locations
  • There are a variety of different weapons that you can use including the blowgun firearm
  • Other weapons involve the scout firearm pack that includes the semi-auto shotgun, the crossbow, the .50 caliber pistol all of which you can buy in the in-game store
  • You can get a variety of different trophies for the more impressive kills and you can share them with friends to show off your hunting prowess
  • As you excel in the game you will unlock new weapons and also be able to get better skills and bigger hunts
  • There is an actual trophy room in the app where you can go and look at your best kills on the game so far
  • During holiday seasons there will be an Easter Egg animal that you can go after in your hunts
  • You have a scope that you can use to hunt game that is from afar
  • Learn to improve your reflexes, endurance, tracking, and accuracy skills in the game


Voted 4 stars by iPhone app users and currently costs $1.99 to download.