DinoSmash Online iPhone app Review


The DinoSmash Online iPhone app is one of the best three dimensional shooters out there for the mobile market. Your main goal in the game is to kill other dinosaurs in order to boost your points. You will have to use the big guns to kill the other internet players. Up to 16 players at a time can be playing against each other to see who is the best dino shooter in the world.


  • The world that you will be able to play in is absolutely huge and it is very detailed. One other thing that you will notice is that it is rendered entirely in 3D and it has a variety of different dinosaur characters
  • The game has servers in both America as well as Europe so it can be played all over the world
  • There is also a lot of character customization that you will be able to take part in, including the ability to change the heads of your dinosaurs, change the race, and also pick different clothes for the body
  • The graphics engine for the game is also pretty impressive, it has been completely optimized and is currently putting out 30-40 frames per second
  • The weapons in the game are very balanced and you will see that there are 5 different weapons that you can use aside from the hook
  • The music in the game is also pretty neat because there is a stereo 3D sound system that you can enjoy while you are playing it
  • You can also see the scores of other players on the internet by checking out the score board
  • Last but not least there is a pretty cool multiplayer mode where you can actually get put in an automatic matchmaking system to play players that are your same caliber


This is a great idea for a third person shooter, and has a fully rendered 3D world that you can enjoy with all kinds of different dinosaur creatures. The multiplayer mode is sound and there is lots of customization to be had. This game comes with all kinds of features that will keep you busy for hours on end.

This app has been given a variety of different reviews but overall they have been quite favorable. The app is currently sitting at a four star out of a five star rating and it will only cost you $0.99 to download onto your phone.