Doodle Ski iPhone app Review


The Doodle Ski iPhone app takes a very simple idea and makes it hilariously fun. The gameplay is setup so that it is virtually never ending and you will have to try again hundreds of times to be able to get farther and farther down the mountain. You will start out at the very top of the Doodle Alps and you will have to dodge all kinds of obstacles in order to get down the mountain and attain the highest score. You will see fogs, angry yetis, angry penguins, rockslides, avalanches, and even aliens. You will have to use the tilt controls that are included in order to be able to steer your character safely down the snowy hill.


  • This game is super, super simple. You start at the top of the ski hill and you try your best to go down it without running into monsters, trees, or missing the flags. Although it is very simple, it is also very fun and extremely addicting
  • You will have to make sure you are constantly throwing snowballs so that when you run into the snow monsters you knock them off. Otherwise you may be accidentally giving a piggy back ride to a yeti the entire way down
  • You will encounter monsters and creatures such as the angry yeti and also the angry penguin. Seemingly everyone is out to get you in this fun little ski app
  • If you can get a score of over 100,000 you may have a chance at beating the alien attack that is coming to the earth
  • You will have to hit the piste and navigate your way through the snow in order to get the high score and solidify your reputation as the best doodle skier around


In the Doodle Ski iPhone app you will be able to take part in a game that literally never ends (as long as you don’t crash). It is kind of fun to know that you go for as long as you can and try to get the highest score. It really is an addictive game and it is super simple to play. The only things that could have been done to make it a little bit better is maybe to have some kind of check off points and a couple different lives. You only get one life and if you die then it is game over and you have to start completely over. The app currently has been given a rating of 2 1/2 stars by iPhone app users and you can download it off of the market for $0.99.