Dragon Ninjas App Review

Dragon NinjasAs science has proven, the only thing more terrifying (and awesome) than either dragons or ninjas are dragon ninjas. After all, what could possibly be greater than a flying fire breathing reptile who has also somehow mastered the stealth arts of the ninja?

The gameplay is a mix of several different styles. The parts that see you trying to recruit and expand your army to help you conquer a warring land of hostile nations resembles a strategy game, but there are more personal character building aspects that feel closer to your typical role playing experience. Meanwhile, the combat and dungeon raiding sequences puts Dragon Ninjas closer to an action game. Finally, there are some settlement building aspects in play, because what is a potentially addictive mobile game these days without some good old settlement building?

That is a lot of different play styles to manage but to its credit Dragon Ninjas handles the mix fairly well. Not one gameplay type really steps on the toes of the others and instead each screen of the game is typically dedicated to one or the other. The game’s balance of strategy, character building, and action are implemented logically and do help make sure that you don’t get burned out on any one part of the experience too quickly.

It also doesn’t hurt that you’re given quite a bit to do. Aside from the gameplay that goes with the main story (which is itself just sweeping enough to lend a sense of purpose to the action), you’re given a lot of collectibles to hunt for as well as a fully developed PVP arena mode that lets you test your skills against other players online.

Overall the game is fun and enjoyable, but there are some small glitches. Connectivity is sometimes an issue when in the multiplayer mode, but recent updates are addressing some of the minor issues in this game.

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Even if those issues are smoothed over, there is still the problem of Dragon Ninja’s difficulty level. The game, unfortunately, emphasizes some in-app purchases that make the game much easier for players to advance in. Failure to do so feels like it reveals a frustrating game that must be beaten at a snail’s pace. If you invest some time, rather than money, Dragon Ninjas is an exciting game that keeps players challenged and interested for the long haul.