Elements – Dropbox Powered Text Editor iPhone app Review


The Elements – Dropbox Powered Text Editor iPhone app is a great way to share important documents across a number of mediums.


  • You will be able to create all kinds of different text files on your iPod Touch, your iPhone, or even on your iPad. Once you have created them you can also edit them or you can view and edit already existing files on there as well
  • This app is entirely cloud based so that you will have all of the data on the Elements app stored in a subfolder. This subfolder is going to be located on your personal Dropbox account so that you will be able to access it from any device or computer that you choose to view it with
  • This app also has a great feature that allows you to autosave all of the creations and changes that you make to all of the documents that you are working on
  • There is also some great offline support that is included in this app so that you can still upload your changes to the Dropbox the very next time that your device or computer is connected to the internet. This makes it great so you don’t have to always be remembering to upload your stuff manually
  • There is also some great editing features such as showing you the word count of the document, the line count of the document, and also the overall character count of the document
  • You will also be able to take advantage of the scratchpad that is located on the app to be able to sound out your ideas and also to store any little bits of information that you may have included in it
  • Once you have completed the files that you are working on you can then email them as an attachment to be able to use them on other mediums or send them in for projects that have been completed
  • You will also be able to customize the look of the app and also the text editor to make sure that it helps you be as effective as you can be while you are working on it
  • There is also some added touch support from Text Expander that can come in really handy when you need it to
  • There is also some free customer support that you can receive if you use the email address that is included on the app


This app has been given a rating of 4 out of 5 stars by iPhone app users and you can download it onto your iPhone for only $4.99. This is a bit more expensive than other apps but it also does a lot more stuff than other apps do.